Monday, February 24, 2014

How to Coordinate a Potluck Event

Have you ever attended a potluck and there were ten variations of macaroni and cheese, but there were only two desserts?  Or a sign up for an event is done at work and your spouse doesn't tell you until 9 pm the night before that he had signed you up to bring a ham?

The gals over at Perfect Potluck ( have created the solution to your problem! The website is very simple to use and easily accessible from a smart phone.

Here is one of my favorite potluck dishes my mom makes: 

A few potluck tips:
  • Take something that is easy to serve. While your grandma's famous key lime pie may be very delicious it also will be hard to serve in a potluck line. An easy solution would be to make your pie in single serving cupcake tins. 
  • Don't forget a serving utensil! I have been to countless events where people bring a wonderful dish, but don't have a way to serve it. If you are going to an event at someone's house it is horribly rude to depend on the host to provide you with something to serve your dish with. Also remember that your silver or black serving spoon probably looks just like mine and ten other people's. A good way to easily identify your spoon is to put a piece of masking tape on the end and write your last name. 
  • Don't take your prized piece of polish pottery that you can't replace. It's sad to say that there is always the possibility that someone may walk off with your dish.  
  • Don't forget the basics. When making a potluck sign up it's easy to list all of the food items needed and forget about the other things you may need like: plates, silverware, napkins, cups and ice. 

- xoxo MB

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